Gourmet Chocolates

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Boxes


Our Chocolate confections are made with a high quality Belgian chocolate that is smooth and creamy and provide a delicious taste and mouthfeel with each and every bite.  Our chocolates are made in small batches to ensure that a quality product is created each time.  Once you try our chocolates and confections you will taste the quality in our ingredients and final product.

We currently offer Chocolate covered Caramel Pecan Turtles, Peanut Butter Filled Chocolates, Chocolate dipped Peppermint Patties, and Chocolate enrobed Hazelnut Pralines.

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Caramel Turtle Gift Box

Caramel Turtle Gift Box

Our Caramel Turtles are made from scratch and in small batches.  The caramel is cooked low and slow to create a smooth and delighful caramel and then we mix in toasted pecans that elevate the flavor of our caramels.  Once cooled, they are cut and dipped in our special chocolate.   This gift box includes 12 caramel turtles beautifully packaged and ready to give as a gift.  

Caramel Turtle Gift Boxes are $28

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Peanut Butter Lover’s Gift Box


This box is for those peanut butter lover's in the world  This is my daughters favorite piece of chocolate.  These chocolates have a creamy and delicious peanut butter flavor that is simply decadent and the are enrobed in our special chocolate.  These are simple yet very elegant in appearance and taste.  These are packaged in a set of 12.

Peanut Butter Lover’s Gift Boxes are $28

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Assorted Chocolate Box


This box comes with an assortment of Chocolate dipped Caramel Turtles, Chocolate covered Hazelnut Pralines,  Peppermint Patties, and our Peanut Butter filled chocolates. 

This box makes a perfect gift for anyone!

Assorted Chocolate Boxes are $28


Our Hazelnut Praline filled chocolates are absolutely delicious.  They have a smooth truffle type filling that burst of hazelnut flavor.   These come in a box of 12. 

If you want more of a variety in your box of chocolates, check out our assorted chocolate box option.

Hazelnut Praline Boxes are $28


Our Peppermint Patties have a refreshing taste of peppermint and a smooth texture that will just melt in your mouth.  They are dipped in dark chocolate.  These come in a box of 12 and they make a great gift. 

Peppermint Lover's Boxes are $28