Gourmet Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Our Chocolate Chunk Cookies are not like any other cookie.  These have chunks of milk and dark Belgium chocolate that melts throughout the cookie when they are baked which gives this cookie a crunchy border and a nice texture on the inside that I can't even begin to describe.  It is not crunchy nor would I consider it chewy.....but it is absolutely delicious and we sell a tremendous amount of them.

These cookies are big and weigh approximately 3 oz each.

Cookies come in a pack of 8 for $24

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Double Chocolate Toffee Cookie

This is our popular Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie recipe with the addition of toffee pieces.  The combination of these flavors make this cookie irresistible.  


Double Chocolate Cookie with Toasted Pecans

 We take our popular Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie recipe and mix in pieces of our toasted pecans for a sweet and salty piece of heaven in every bite. If you are a fan of nuts with your chocolate you will love this cookie.


Famous Shortbread Cookie

This is the most delicate and buttery cookie you will ever taste.  If you love shortbread cookies you will absolutely love these.  This is also the same recipe that we used in our decorate cookies.


Sugared Cookie

This is our basic Sugar Cookie recipe which creates a chewy cookie on the inside with a slight crispiness on the outside.


Blueberry Lemon Sugared Cookie

These cookies are made with our sugar cookie recipe and then we add fresh lemon juice and plump dried blueberries.  These cookies have a great chewy texture and the flavor profile will have you wanting more.