Cheese Straws


Original Cheese Straws

Our Original Cheese Straws are made with an Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Butter, Flour, Salt along with a hint of Spice to kick the flavor up a notch.   These are also available for shipping to a friend or loved one!

We package our Cheese Straws in an elegant foil zipper bag that will surely impress!

8 oz Bag = $10

4 oz Bag = $7

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Pimento Cheese Cheese Straws

 These are our most popular!

This is our Original Cheese Straw recipe with the addition of our favorite pimento cheese.  

These have been a great addition to our menu and have become a customer favorite.  The combination of flavors yields a creamy delightful cheese straw with a hint of spice!

8 oz Bag = $12

4 oz = $8

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Jalopeno Queso Cheese Straws

Our Jalopeno Queso Cheese Straws are made with a Creamy Quesadilla Cheese with the addition of  Cheddar Cheese and Jalopeno to add a special bite that you don't notice until the end.  These straws have a great flavor and add just enough heat to make you want more. 

8 oz bag = $12

4 oz bag = $8

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Gluten Free Cheddar Meltaways


These Keto and Gluten friendly Cheddar Meltaways are the same recipe as our Original Cheese Straw recipe except we use 100% almond flour instead of regular flour.  

There is something about the almond flour in this recipe that actually increases the cheddar cheese flavor which makes each bite incredible.


Disclaimer: These are made in a kitchen with other products that may contain gluten.

8 oz bag = $13

4 oz bag = $8

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